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  • Todd English Collection Green Pans

    I received a big set of pots/pans from the Todd English Collection, Green Pan as a gift from my mother-in-law. She has since passed away, so I have no order information. They were supposed to be wonderful pans, non-stick. Well, that is a LIE! I had to throw away the frying pans after ruining many meals. I gave up and out of frustrating, threw them in the trash. Now, the pan that I use the most, the 2-qt pot, is rusting on the non-stick bottom! It's disgusting! And I have never cooked anything but sauces in this pot and it was never in the dishwasher. I am super annoyed now, and... More...
  • The worst pans ever!!

    I purchased two Todd English greenpans from hsn claiming to be nonstick. Don't believe it everything sticks to these pans, what a waste of money not to mention all the food I have had to throw away from being ruined by these pans. I am so disappointed that I will no longer use them, these pans are such a headache to use and are so bad that I can't even give them away I wish I could get my money back!!!! More...
    (Cable TV)
    Msm2015's Picture   Msm2015    0 Comments   Comments
  • Green Pans Definitely Stick!

    I have eight pieces of this stuff and bought several of the 12 inch fry pans as gifts for cooking friends and for family. I bought mine when it was sold by HSN and pushed by both Joy Mangano and Todd English. This stuff was not cheap. All of the pieces stick terribly and are impossible to clean!!! You must use oil or butter or the food will never come out. The pans I use the most are discolored. Very disappointed in the product, Todd English, Joy Mangano and HSN. Any warranty that was advertised with the product is purely fictional. More...
    pposey's Picture   pposey    0 Comments   Comments
  • Todd English Pots and pans

    I bought a set of your pot and pans maybe 3 years ago. A few months ago they started to not cook as well, it is horrible, I am very disappointed in this product. every time you use them they stick, the blue coating inside the pots and pans is now turning brown, they are very hard to clean. I do not understand what the problem is. It was a great product for almost 2 years. What is wrong with this product, how do you return this product? I bought it from HSN and they say I have to call this 1-800-248-3002 number. I have been calling for 2 weeks and still have yet to get a response. So... More...
    mistyrachel79's Picture   mistyrachel79    0 Comments   Comments
  • Todd English Green Life pans

    Horrible product. Have owned for about a year and a half and within a couple months most of them were useless as far as non-stick goes. I had to go out and buy a couple more pans just for thinks like eggs and pancakes. Terrible waste of money. I thought I had done something wrong with the pans but now that I am seeing all these bad reviews I know it wasn't me. I always hand wash and followed all the enclosed directions. Terrible when you can't cook anything in your cookware at anything higher than a Medium heat level. More...
    Cheryltom's Picture   Cheryltom    0 Comments   Comments
  • Todd English

    Everything that has been written about the poor quality of his cookware is not overstated. I overpaid too in January 2012. His product is fraudulent -- they cannot be cleaned properly. Stick w/o cooking oils. I had to throw away the 2 qt pot and now the 8" skillet as I use it frequently. Going back to 18-10 stainless. It's the only way. But this product should be removed from HSN. And, how I would like my $140 back from him. More...
    rose4's Picture   rose4    1 Comments   Comments
  • Todd English electric skillet HSN

    I purchased this item from HSN, the skillet burnt the food the first use. The second time the cooker seemed to cut on and off not keeping food at a constant temperature. I decided to try to use it one more time and unfortunately this was the last time. I walked away long enough to run to the bathroom when my son realized it was on fire. This product melted my countertop. I contacted HSN, and was instructed to send the burnt item back. I did not have original packaging to send it in so I was unable to do so. Please be aware if you purchase items qvc stands by their products so... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    Armywifeme's Picture   Armywifeme    1 Comments   Comments
  • Todd English green (now BLACK) pans

    Enter the review, complaint or question here and add detail so the Business can improve and reply to you through MeasuredUp.I personally met Todd English when he stays at the hotel when he is onHSN. He personally gave me his word that these were never going to stick with food. I followed every direction to the T and guess what? My pans are trash. The only good use for them now is to catch motor oil when doing an oil change. He lied straight to my face and to millions of others who watch him push his GARBAGE PANS. fraud. Liar. Con artist. And may I add, completely narcissistic. What a... More...
  • Green Life pans

    worse $100.00 I have spent on cookware! I have had these pans for 4 months and I am ready to throw them out. I read and followed the intructions to the letter. after about 3 months the non-stick coating started to give way and within the 4th month the coating totaly gave out.the only good they are for now are making non frying foods , sauces, bioling water for pasta.Totally useless for anything that requires higherheat or any kind of browning. Went back to my All-Clad stainless pan , would rather cook with butter or olive oil than put up with a pan that has only one use. More...
    CookinDaddy's Picture   CookinDaddy    0 Comments   Comments
  • green pans stick horribly!

    Hi there. I purchased your green pans 2 years ago, and they are absolutely horrible. Everything I cook in the skillets stick. Even if I use oil, everything sticks badly. There is absolutely no way I can even fry an egg on it - unless i put tons of butter in the pan first. I am shocked at how you show these on-air, as nothing you do on-air can be repeated at home with these pans. I don't use these pans, and they are just sitting in my cupboard - so I am very disappointed. I did follow the instructions when I received them, where I tempered them in the oven with a little bit of... More...
    Leda's Picture   Leda    1 Comments   Comments
  • Everything Sticks

    DO NOT BUY TODD ENGLISH PANS!!!!!! Everything sticks after just a few uses. I followed all their care instructions for these "easy to use" pans. I seasoned the pan before my first use, hand wash, no nylon scrubby, use oil everytime, no spray on oil and do not cook over medium high, yet everything sticks!!!!! And part of their sales pitch was to use a heat gun to prove you can cook in a commercial kitchen and it would work up to 850 degrees. So why cant I use my home stove over medium high? After I bought 3 pans the instructions said, the pans would lose some of their nonstick... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    Sandy40's Picture   Sandy40    0 Comments   Comments
  • todd english green pan

    After using the 12 inch frypan by todd english green pan branded, I am disappointed, upset and will not buy another product of the same kind and brand. I do not have a professional gas cooktop so the heat is not extreme but the skillet developed hot spots after the first use. As far as being nonstick-forget that. This was purchased at Target. It has never been washed hot, scoured or overheated. I did not use nonstick spray, I oiled the food and some oil in the skillet. More...
    cakester's Picture   cakester    1 Comments   Comments
  • Cookware LOUSY

    DONT BUY ANY TODD ENGLISH COOKWARE. this is the worst $170 Ive spent in my life! THe pots dont work--absolute garbage...I will never visit Todd English restaurants because he lent his name to this JUNK. My $9.00 pan from SEARS has held up for years, while these over-priced garbage did not work after a few times of use. GARBAGE, GARBAGE, GARBAGE. More...
    bonillan1248's Picture   bonillan1248    0 Comments   Comments
  • green pans set

    I would like to know why my green pans didn't work as advertised. Everything sticks to them, and I have to scrub to get the burned parts off. I ordered these from HSN as a set a least a year ago and just wrote it off as another bad company but they never worked as they were suppose to from the beginning. Did I get a bad set? Should I insist on a new set or my money back? I am very disappointed. Marianne Houbre More...
    marianne435's Picture   marianne435    1 Comments   Comments

    YANKEE's Picture   YANKEE    13 Comments   Comments


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